Software Development

Best Software Development Company in Chittagong

There have many software development company in Bangladesh.We are Howlader Technology , best software development company in Bangladesh. Basically we are based in Chittagong.We are the best software development company in Chittagong.We believe in user satisfaction.So we design and develop all of our software thinking user facilities.I think software development is a team based work.We have a strong and talented team to design and develop any complex and functional software.
We have developed several software.Our clients are satisfied within our task.We use latest tools and techniques to develop our software.We follow total software development life cycle in the time of developing software.Software development life cycle is based on computer programming,documenting,testing and bug can be developed in various purposes.Basically there have three purposes in developing a software.First one is client or business software.It is also called custom software.second one is open source software.It basically develop in need of some potential users.It is also called commercial software.Often it is developed for personal use.Third one is embedded software which is developed for controlling consumers product.Now a days maximum company are totally dependent on software to conduct their work.In a word at present time it is totally impossible to manage work of any company or industry without software.Otherwise they will not be able to sustain their company in competitive market.Basically this is custom software which is used in any company or industry to easy their calculation and other task.Our team are enthusiastic about custom built software.As a team we know it is an opportunity to impress our customers with our skill and is an opportunity for any business to give a great first impression and user experience to their customers.A successful development process is the only way to bring about a successful project and satisfy our customers. The first and the most important part of the application development process is to listen. Listening is a skill we give a lot of importance to clarify and confirm we understand what our customer is saying. This is the key to making sure all our clients requirements are met.

For Which Industry We Developed Software?

1.Government Sector
2.Bank And Financial Institution
3.Medical And Hospital Sector
4.Oil Sector
5.Manufacturing Companies
6.Multinational Companies
7.Garments And Textile Sector
8.Telecom Industries
9.Export And Import Processing Sector
10.Insurance Sector
11.Education Sector

Modules Of Custom Built Software Which We developed

1.Payroll Management
2.Purchase Management
3.Stocks Management
4.Manufacturing Management
5.POS management
6.Accounts Management
7.LC Management
8.Tax Return Management
9.Files & Documents Management
10.SMS Service
11.Address Book Management
12.Fixed Assets Management
13.Payroll Management
14.HRM Management
15.Performance Tracker
16.Bond Register Management
17.Canteen Management

Why Software For Your Business?

1.Minimize operational problem
2.Reduce Cost
3.Enhanced Business Security
4.Increase Productivity
5.Increase Performance 
6.Complexity Elimination
7.Access data easily from anywhere and anytime
8.Best customer Service
9.Analyzing business report
Why you will choose us?
There are many software development company in Bangladesh.We are Howlader Technology,leading software development company in Bangladesh.Many software company include that they develop custom software at a reasonable price.But we don't believe in it.We believe in quality not quantity.So to satisfy user we implement all functionalities easily in a custom built software.We also use updated and modern tools and secure language to develop software.We also ensure 100% data security.Our skilled and experienced team can develop any custom built ERP software demanding on user facilities. 

Some of our features

1.We give 24 hours support
2.We ensure clients satisfaction
3.We give customer support through phone,chat or live.