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Best Android Solution In Bangladesh

Howlader Technology is one of the best  android application development company in Bangladesh. Android is a most popular technology all over the world.
It encourages a large number of developers to use the open source code as a foundation for community driven project which add new features for advance user or bring Android to devices which were officially released running other operating system.

At present android Smartphone has become an integral part of our daily life. It has created a revolution that has never been experienced in the industry before.
Best Android Solution In Bangladesh
Best Android Solution In Bangladesh
The market for smart phone applications has experienced more than double growth in the last couple of years and it is still growing at a very rapid rate. 
Howlader Technology is glad to be one of the pioneering android applications developers company in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Howlader Technology is the leading android solutions company in Bangladesh with genuine mobile applications developers in our team. We are efficient in developing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. After years of developing mobile apps for the European and American clients, we at Howlader Technology know how to design and deliver the appropriate mobile solutions for your business and bring in revenue.
Our developers are experts with android software development kit (SDK), open GL, 3D graphics, Android media APIs, location based service API, Wi fi APIs, Android security architecture and other various technologies there is to develop the ultimate android apps for you. We are providing all kinds of android solution in accordance with the demand for business, professionals and personal.
We at Howlader Technology create beautiful and functional user interfaces that are instinctive and easy-to-use and draw users naturally. Your new innovative idea can be turned into android apps by our team of experienced android app developers and designers that will live up to your vision.
We have the skill and experience team of experts to work both on “product driven” and “campaign driven” android application development. We like to work on innovating, efficient and aesthetic mobile apps that are useful for the people.
Android applications can include....
  • Utility to promote your business or organization
  • Information-providing App closely linked to your website content
  • Product catalogue with details and information presented in an interactive way
  • Bespoke App that ties in with the phone operating system utilizing features such as the camera
  • Something interesting - a soundboard, a picture gallery, wallpapers - you'd be surprised what works
Our developers are experts in....
  • Java
  • ADT (Android Developer Tools)
  • Open GL
  • 3D Graphics
  • Android APIs
Our Services....
  • iPhone Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Responsive Web design for all mobile and tablet computers
  • Mobile Ecommerce
  • Mobile Game Apps Development